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Cyber Insurance

Technology, for all its benefits, has opened the door to a wave of online criminal activity and cyber attacks, posing a real threat to businesses of all sizes. Cyber Insurance from Cumbria Insurance is a standalone policy that tackles the immediate threat head on, as well as any fallout that ensues.

There have been a handful of cases where high profile organisations have become victims of a cyber attacks and data breach, a problem which has filtered down to thousands of customers. Your business can be held liable for any data breach, which can result in an investigation. This is a costly process even before any defence costs or awards are factored in, and a damaged reputation can have a long lasting effective on customer trust and in turn, revenue.

This harmful online activity can occur at any time and without warning. Cyber Insurance arranged by Cumbria Insurance offers essential protection against cyber attacks, and any issues that arise as a result, with a policy that can cover:


  • Data breach and privacy management
  • Extortion cover
  • Online identity fraud
  • Virus damage
  • PR Crisis Management
  • Business Interruption and System Suspension
  • Legal and Defence Costs


If you would like your cover to keep up pace with the risks facing your business, speak to our knowledgeable advisers at Cumbria Insurance about how Cyber Insurance can offer vital protection.