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Property Owners

It’s easy to be bewildered by the range of products available through Property Owners’ Insurance, whether you’re new to the property market or have mastered a large portfolio, but are wrestling with changes in legislation.

Our approachable experts at Cumbria Insurance can advise you on what cover will offer the right protection, and arrange Property Owners’ Insurance that’s appropriate.

Property Owners’ Insurance is a wide reaching, and normally represents a policy that will cover both residential properties and commercial premises. If you are a shop owner and you own both the business and the building, your needs will be different from a residential property developer who owns several rental properties, or a business who has a number of commercial premises within their portfolio.

Our team members will take into account the sort of problems you may encounter depending on your portfolio, before creating a bespoke policy which offers the right protection. A commercial property insurance or residential property policy can include the following covers:


  • Re-housing tenants
  • Accidental Damage
  • Loss of Rental Income
  • Buildings and Contents cover
  • Subsidence, Ground Heave and Landslip cover
  • Employers’ Liability
  • Property Owners’ Liability
  • Terrorism


Talk to us about your properties and we’ll advise you on how we can best protect them with Property Owners’ Insurance.