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A strong transportation network is heavily relied upon by both the national and international community. Transport Insurance arranged by Cumbria Insurance is designed to keep planes, trains, HGVs and freight liners moving with industry specific cover.

Constant usage and lengthy journeys can take its toll on any mode of transport, through general wear and tear and increased exposure to accidents and damage. Cover within transportation or truck insurance can be basic, covering accidental damage and other minor risks, or more comprehensive to cover specific hazards such as theft and negligence.

Breakdown cover may serve road bound vehicles, but engineering cover offers a more appropriate solution to trains, cargo liners and aeroplanes if they are immobilized by a fault. This is just one of the specific areas that Transportation Insurance considers.

Responsibility for transportation can be difficult to pinpoint, but without adequate insurance in place, haulage and freight companies could be left with a substantial bill if the goods they have in transit are lost, stolen or damaged.

Transportation Insurance policy can reimburse for this while making sure any delays are kept to a minimum, thereby giving buyers confidence in your services.

Whether you transport via road, rail, sea or air, Transportation Insurance from Cumbria Insurance can help with the following cover:


  • General Liability
  • Theft and Physical Damage
  • Cargo cover
  • Workers Compensation
  • Goods in Transit
  • Engineering
  • Legal Expenses


The team at Cumbria Insurance will use their knowledge and connections to specialist insurers to find appropriate cover for your transport. And because we’re independent, you can be safe in the knowledge that our service is driven by your requirements alone.