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Accident & Sickness

You don’t have any control any injuries caused by an accident. If you did, it wouldn’t be an accident. Similarly, whilst no one enjoys being unwell, this is yet another one of life’s obstacles that you have little or no control over. We accept these facts at Cumbria Insurance, and take steps to ensure that it doesn’t result financial difficulty with the help of Accident & Sickness Insurance.

It’s important for any working adult to consider whether they could keep on top of household outgoings if they missed a month’s pay, or even several, through an accident or injury. If the answer is no, then Accident & Sickness Insurance should be a priority.

An Accident & Sickness policy is designed to cover your existing financial commitments including mortgage or rent, bills and food, and support comes in the form of a tax free monthly income for as long as arranged in your policy.

While it may seem an unnecessary precaution, many overestimate how much they can receive in statutory sick pay, leading to a financial quandary if they do find themselves out of work. Our specialists can help you avoid the additional angst by arranging an Accident & Sickness Insurance package especially created for you, with cover that can include:


  • Critical Illness
  • Income Protection
  • Mortgage repayment cover
  • Monthly payments up to 12 months


With Accident & Sickness Insurance from Cumbria Insurance, you will have your own adviser who will explain your policy in simple terms, and be on hand to handle any claims on your behalf while you get some all important rest.